Urban + Romantic NYC Engagement Session • Kate Wenzel Photography


The loved this engagement session from Kate Wenzel the moment we saw it, and know you will, too. New York City is full of inspiration, energy and love - everything that called these two to move across the country and make it their home. Shikha and Geoff's engagement session featured a romantic spin on some of Manhattan's most iconic landmarks - Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge - and we love how these photos make it seem like they were the only two around. Clearly in love, Shikha and Geoff are beautiful inside and out, and we can't wait to see their gorgeous wedding in September! 

From Kate

It has been said that NYC is one of the most inspiring places on the planet. Until a week ago today, I didn’t know if that statement would hold up. Sometimes a place has a hype and you visit it and it doesn’t live up to its reputation. New York is the complete antithesis of this situation. It surpasses anything you can grasp. I have traveled quite a bit, and I can say with certainty: this city does not disappoint! The food, culture, diversity, and architecture infuse an energy and life into you. There is an adrenaline that kicks in; at first this rush feels abrasive, but once you acclimate, it infuses within you excitement, adventure and yes: inspiration.

Shikha and Geoff were so kind to fly me in to photograph them in their city. While they met and fell in love in Minneapolis, the little apple wasn’t their long-term plan. New York first beckoned Geoff and Shikha followed soon after with big apple dreams of her own. Just like New York is a blend of beauty, intelligence, history and constant transformation, Shikha and Geoff come together and create a love that is amazing. There is an undeniable respect that you experience and feel when with them. They both possess such an eloquent balance of big dreams and grounded plans.

We hugged in my hotel lobby as we met in person for the first time. They both have an ease about them- and are the kind of people you would notice in a busy Time Square setting- they are strikingly beautiful and happy people. They know this city and while they didn’t grow up in it, they wear it well. We navigated the busy streets in a back of a taxi- walked on cobblestone streets and stopped by a favorite Italian restaurant of theirs. We traveled to the iconic Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and laughed as we endured what was one of the coldest days in the area all winter. They were beyond easy to photograph- their beauty- both inside and out, was one of the only things that could outshine a city this bright. The sounds and sights of this urban island were overwhleming- but not in a bad way; rather, in a way that draws you and makes you want more. From the fire trucks that pulled behind us as I photographed their joy, to the wind that uses the crowded streets as tunnels to push its way through, New York has its own character, and I hope to only encounter it more!

I love how life weaves people together. I adore the opportunities I have to document the way it weaves, the way love grows, the way people find their other half in a world so vast. To say New York is one of the most inspiring places on earth is nothing but truth- but to photograph a love like this, is perhaps one of the most inspiring things we can imagine. Here is glimpse at their session; I cannot wait to photograph them for days during their September wedding!

Photographer: Kate Wenzel