Unique Brooklyn Wedding at 501 Union • Priyanca Rao Photography


There's something about weddings is Brooklyn that always tugs at our heartstrings, and today's wedding is certainly no exception. Mary + Frank's Brooklyn wedding at 501 Union is so full of love and thoughtful details, and their personality shines through at every turn.  From choosing the church that a long line of family had been married at, to incorporating elements of "old world Brooklyn" with egg creams and a yellow taxi, these two crafted a wedding as unique as they are. And one of our favorite parts of their story is their exchange of messages on OK Cupid. I won't ruin it for you - go ahead and read it yourself! 

From Priyanca: Believe it or not, Frank & I’s love story started on OK Cupid. After getting repetitive messages of “What’s up,” “Hi,” and “I really liked your profile. I think we’ll be a great match. Let me tell you about myself…” (which is clearly a copy paste message sent out to MANY girls), I was getting frustrated with the impersonality of online dating. Luckily, Frank noticed that my user name (So Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Me) was a Smith's reference. He sent a personal message setting him apart from the rest of the pack. We discussed our feelings about pie and eventually set up our first date. Everything seemed to fall into place. Dating Frank was easy. As our love grew, so did the additions to our "Dossier of Gluttony".

We'd often meet in Bryant Park and plot where we'd go that night to find the best steak or oysters.Frank shared his love of snowboarding with me. We spent many weekends over the winter months at Hunter Mountain. Frank exhibited the patience of a saint while teaching me the ins and outs of getting down the mountain without breaking any bones. Then on March 22nd (my birthday), Frank planned for a romantic brunch at the Rainbow Room (another addition to the "Dossier of Gluttony"). We arrived in Manhattan super early. At Frank's suggestion, we wandered in to Bryant Park. He led me to our usual meeting spot and got down on one knee. Through tears of joy, I accepted his proposal.

Once the wedding planning began, I knew that I wanted to make sure that our wedding had personal touches. Frank & I moved to Brooklyn shortly after the proposal. My family had deep ties to Brooklyn. Since I was young, I knew I wanted to get married at Holy Name of Jesus church. So many of my family members were married at Holy Name. My parents, both sets of my grandparents and my Uncle, who was also my Godfather, all were married there. Unfortunately, while I was still young, my Godfather was killed in the line of duty while fighting a fire in Red Hook for the FDNY. Growing up, there was an annual memorial mass held in his honor at Holy Name. I wanted to ensure there was a way to have him with us in spirit on our wedding day. It took quite some time to secure a date at Holy Name, but once we did, we got the ball rolling with the rest of the planning process. Since we were incorporating my family’s personal history in Brooklyn, we decided we wanted to capture the spirit of Old Brooklyn. Our wedding planner suggested getting a yellow taxi cab which fit into our theme perfectly. It also looked wonderful outside of Farrell’s, the pub that my God father played football for many years ago. Our photographer did an amazing job capturing it! As our favor, I decided to craft an egg cream kit, since egg creams were one of my favorite treats “from the old neighborhood” while growing up. Our caterer was able to throw in another special detail. He was able to incorporate a pierogi station during our cocktail hour, much to the delight of my Polish side of the family.Our band was also able to keep the personal touches going. They actually performed “So Ask Me, Ask Me. Ask Me” by the Smiths! We were lucky to have such wonderful vendors that helped bring our vision to life. They really took the time to get to know us. The execution all felt so personal, which is what we were striving for. I couldn’t have been happier with the results!

Photographer:  Priyanca Rao Photography | Event Venue: 501 Union | Equipment Rentals:Broadway Party Rentals | Dress Designer: Delphine ManivetFace the Day NY | Transportation: Film Cars | Apparel: J Crew | Hair Stylist: Karcher Salon | Bakery: Lael Cakes | Groomsman Attire: Men's Wearhouse | Invitation Designer: Papel New York | Event Planner: Polka Dot Events | Caterer: Sauce By Nature | Floral Designer:Stems | Band:The Engagements | Invitation Designer: The Nic Studio