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Wedding Inspiration for the Modern Couple | New York, New Jersey + Pennsylvania

Perhaps it’s because I work in the wedding industry and also adore gift giving, but I find wedding registries to be one of the most exciting and fascinating pieces of weddings! I’m always excited to take a peek at registries for friends and family before attending bridal showers, and I’m also just as curious to see which items married couples continue to rave about years later.

Wedding Inspiration for the Modern Couple | New York, New Jersey + Pennsylvania | Cassi Claire Photography

Choosing the pieces for your registry can be a nerve-inducing process. Questions such as which pieces to register for and which pieces will we truly use for years are likely lingering on your mind. In order to help your cause (and indulge my gift giving whims!), I’ve put together a carefully curated list of the top 10 must-haves for your wedding industry. Take a peek!


There has never been a couple who has complained because they registered for lovely bed linens! Curling up in bed after a long day is one life’s best little luxuries, so this is an area in which to indulge. Consider registering for high quality linens from places such as Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. Tip: Register for more than one set!


Similar to sheets, register for towels that will remind you of a stay at your favorite hotel. These pieces will be reminiscent of a spa, and, better yet, luxurious towels will last for years. The money you may spend on several inexpensive towels is as much as you will spend on a couple sets of higher end towels that will serve you for much longer. It’s an investment that will be well worth it! Tip: Similar to sheets, register for more than one set! If you have a guest room, think about registering for a set to have at the ready.


There is definitely a trend among couples to register for china they can use everyday rather than fancier sets that have to be saved for special occasions. Couples reach for plates and bowls every day for almost every meal at home, so you should love those pieces. With that said, if you do want to have more special china on hand, consider registering for pieces that you can see yourself mixing and matching for everyday meals as well as formal occasions. Nothing should stay in your cabinets unused!


Flatware is another piece you will use everyday, and the hope is your forks, knives, and spoons will serve you for years! Because your flatware will be so heavily used, consider registering for a nicer set. Also, think ahead to how often you run your dishwasher or invite friends and family over for dinner. While fewer pieces may suit you as a couple, having extra on hand will ensure you have more than enough for company (and less time spent washing!).


While grabbing a water bottle may seem like a simple solution when you’re on the go, glasses are you’re saving grace while you’re at home! Just like all of the other pieces, register for a set you love. Also, keep your glasses classic and timeless. Because these pieces are glass, you will likely brake one at some point. A trendy piece may not always be in stores, but a classic piece is never a worry because a quick trip to the store will oftentimes result in replacing it with an exact replica. Just like your flatware and everyday china, make sure you have enough glasses for guests!

Wedding Inspiration for the Modern Couple | New York, New Jersey + Pennsylvania | Cassi Claire Photography


The time to register for a great set of knives is now, especially if you love to cook. The pieces that suit you best while cooking will vary greatly, so perhaps a complete set of knives doesn’t feel right for you. If that’s the case, make sure to register for the set of knives that will meet your cooking needs.


Whether you are a baker or simply adore cooking, consider registering for a high end mixer. Everyone loves the Kitchen Aid standup mixer, and for great reason – as someone who has used a handheld mixer for years, there’s nothing like placing all of your ingredients in the appliance’s bowl and letting it do the mixing for you. Again, this is something you will use long term!


An incredible mixer deserved its own category on our list, but I haven’t forgotten about other small appliances. If you’re a coffee drinker, treat yourself to a coffee pot or a Keurig (plus k-cups!). If you love tea, register for a teapot you will use for years. Other small appliances that will be in heavy rotation: crockpot, toaster, and toaster oven. 


Pots and pans will also be in heavy rotation in your kitchen together! Before you register, think about the meals each of you already love to cook. Make sure you register for pots and pans that will enable you to continue to make those meals. Pots such as sauce pans in varying sizes and frying pans will go a long way. Plus, it’s also a great time to register for or upgrade your baking sheets, cupcake/muffin tins, and casserole dishes.


While gift cards may seem like a strange request, you will find yourself picking up additional items once you’re married! Having a gift card to use will make a trip to the store even more enjoyable. Plus, gift cards are also a great way to add to your honeymoon fund. If you’re funding your honeymoon, make sure to plan ahead to see which credit cards your destination accepts. 

Wedding Inspiration for the Modern Couple | New York, New Jersey + Pennsylvania | Cassi Claire Photography

While creating your registry, keep these three questions in mind:

• Will we actually use this item or does it just sound like fun? Register for things that are practical.

• Do our price points vary? Try not to make a guest feel as though they have to spend an amount that’s outside of their comfort zone – vary your price points and items!

• Did we register in multiple places? Guests love convenience, and some will opt to shop at a store they frequent while others prefer to browse online. Spread your registry wealth!

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