Timeless NYC Engagement Session • Cadence Kennedy


When you imagine what an engagement session looks like in New York City, you might think bright lights and busy streets... people hustling by, rushing from one place to another. But then you see this incredible session from Cadence Kennedy, and you'll have a completely different opinion on a session in the city. From their cozy apartment to the streets of the West Village and the Met, it's almost like time stood still for Nicole and John. See all the beautiful pictures below, and be prepared to reimagine romance in the city.

From Cadence: When I think about the perfect New York City engagement session, I think timeless and classic imagery that will withstand the test of time. Rich black and white romantic images, but still with soft light and airy moments, exemplifying the diversity and uniqueness of this amazing place. Nicole and John are beautiful couple brought together by this city. We started this session with a cozy feel in the their apartment. Nicole snuggled up on the couch, while John played her favorite songs on the guitar. Next it was to the streets of the West Village and outside their doorstep. Nicole looked stunning in her Halston dress. There in the city streets, you can see how John just adored her. To finish this session we headed to the quintessential location, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. From the steps of the Met to the rooftop, this was the perfect day in the big apple.