Rustic Acres Farm Wedding • Schneider Family Photography


A lace dress, lush greens, cowboy boots and the cutest puppy ring bearer you ever did see. We are totally smitten with this Rustic Acres Farm Wedding from Schneider Family Photography. Chelsi and Terry's day was full of rustic elegance, thoughtful details and most importantly, a lot of love. 

From Bryan: Let’s just get this out there, Chelsi and Terry are awesome, their wedding was awesome, their love for each other is awesome, and their Rustic Acres Farm wedding was awesome. We can’t express how excited we are that such a sweet couple let us be a part of their day.Chelsi and Terry are farm people. They live on a farm. They love the rustic life. Even when we did our 30 day consultation over the phone with Chelsi she was at the vet taking care of animals. That’s their story. Down to earth and loving. Their entire rustic wedding theme was filled with beauty and simplicity. All of the details were carefully chosen. All of the guests were beaming with excitement to be there. Chelsi and Terry actually surprised us. We are used to couples booking 10-18 months in advance for their weddings. Not these two, less than 6 months before their wedding they asked us if we were available. We were first shocked that we had gotten asked so close to their date. And next, very excited that we were actually available (not normal!). When they described their wedding at the Rustic Acres Barn we immediately got excited. Their wedding sounded like it was going to be a perfect mix of elegance meets rustic. We could gush all day about Chelsi’s amazing dress or Terry’s awesome duck feathered bow tie but instead we’ll let you enjoy the images.

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