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We are practically giddy about today's post because we know you are going to LOVE it. Our friend, Rachael of Appetite Paper is sharing her gorgeous paper flowers (and some practical advice for making them) with all of you! Paper flowers are a wonderful alternative for the modern couple looking to add a DIY element, and a bit of handmade charm, to their wedding day. The best part? These flowers become lifelong treasured keepsake you can easily showcase in your home. Be sure to head over to Appetite Paper to see more of Rachael's incredible work, and to get your own paper flower tutorials!

NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers

Hello sweet readers, my name is Rachael and I create Paper Flower Tutorials at There you'll find easy to follow instructions that result in life-like paper blooms for the modern DIY bride!

NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers

As a DIY bride myself, I wanted to create a tangible tool for Brides looking to create unique florals for their wedding. As I immersed myself into the paper flower world, I quickly realized how complicated it all can get. Not only that, but there was limited instruction on how to create some of my favorite flowers (Ah, Peonies)!

NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers

While piecing together paper blooms for so many lovely brides, I began to create step-by-step instructions on how to create my life-like blooms yourself. My goal was to cut out any unnecessary steps and use accessible supplies to make paper flowers an enjoyable experience.

NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers

Don't let all the layers fool you, creating them is actually quite simple. If you nailed down these basics in grade school - like painting in a straight line, hot glueing and fringing paper you will be all set.


If you're making more than 25+ paper flowers for your wedding, recruit some friends! You can certainly do this sort of job on your own, but cutting out petals is a great excuse for some girlfriends, wine and netflix!

NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers

Pairing your paper flowers with faux greenery and preserved foliage, is also a great way to keep your bouquets and decor low maintenance (no watering!). You can prepare your DIY goodies ahead of time and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sun light to protect that gorgeous color!

NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers
NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers
NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers

Also, to put together a gorgeous bouquet, you don't need to be a floral stylist. Just rubber band you paper flower stems and faux greenery together and trim to your desired length. Simply cover the base with your favorite satin and cotton ribbons and you'll look like a pro!

NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers
NJ-NY-PA-Wedding-Inspiration | Paper Flowers | Wedding Flowers

Most of all, have a great time creating! No paper flower looks the same and each person adds their own character to their bouquet. If you ever have any questions along the way - you know where to find me!

Create your favorite flowers out of paper at - The Coral Charm Peony, Icelandic Poppy, Ranunculus and more!

Sunrise Anniversary Session in West Orange, New Jersey • Jennifer Larsen Photography


Who says the stunning photography needs to stop once the wedding is over? We absolutely adore Jackie + Tim's one-year anniversary session by Jennifer Larsen Photography. Simple, sweet, and the perfect way to commemorate this blissful time in their life. These lovebirds even incorporated paper - the traditional gift for their first anniversary - into their session! Scroll down for more of their gorgeous anniversary photos!

From Jennifer: Jackie and Tim celebrated their first year of marriage last fall, and in honor of this tremendously special occasion we did a sunrise anniversary session! I feel so honored to have been able to photograph this milestone for Jackie and Tim. More than that, I was completely inspired by this couple's love and commitment to each other. They first met in Las Vegas, when Tim was in the Navy. They dated long distance for years before getting married, and their love for each other is so apparent in the way they are together.

Because year one is the paper anniversary, they incorporated paper props to fit the theme including confetti, their wedding invitation, and a paper table number '1' from their wedding day. Jackie wore her wedding dress for part of the shoot, and we revisited the church where they were married, as well as other surrounding locations. This session was filled with sentimental details and nostalgia. 

We started our shoot right at sunrise at St. Aloysius Church in Caldwell, NJ and then made our way to Verona Park for some golden light. We finished our shoot at the nearby Eagle Rock Reservation on one of the trails, as these two love to hike. And we even found a tee-pee! It was an absolutely dreamy morning with the most loving couple!

From the bride: When I first had the idea of doing a First Anniversary Shoot, I said I wouldn't share the photos because some people might think it's weird to wear your wedding dress again. Well let me tell you, brides-- put the dress on again! This was so fun and seeing my husband look at me and tell me how beautiful I looked in the dress brought back all of our wedding day memories, but even more special than that was the reminder of how happy I am to be married to the love of my life...Plus, I've gotten more wear of the most beautiful item of clothing I've owned.

LOCATION 1: St. Aloysius Church | LOCATION 2: Verona Park | LOCATION 3: Eagle Rock Reservation | GROOM'S BLAZER: Express | BLUE DRESS: Lulu's | CONFETTI: BHLDN | TABLE NUMBER: Mason Rabbit's Paperie | WEDDING DRESS BOUTIQUE: Lotus Bridal | WEDDING DRESS: Allure Couture | FLORIST: Floral Fantasy

Meet-the-Maker • Moonflower Weddings


We all know that your wedding day goes by in an instant. Weeks or months of planning, the day goes flying by and undoubtedly, there are moments you miss. Once your photos and video are ready, that all changes... the day comes into focus, you remember bits and pieces you might have forgotten, and you're left with the most wonderful gift. Videography captures the emotion of your day in a way that lets you relive it over and over, and we're so excited to introduce you to Brandon and Alyssa of Moonflower Weddings. Get to know them, and watch their incredible work, below!

Our mission is to capture the emotions and energy of your big day, while being as unobtrusive as possible. We’re all about fun, love, and laughter - a wedding day only happens once and we want to be there to capture the memories in the most beautiful way.

Tell us a little bit about you, and how you got started in your specialty? Brandon and I met in Film school. He was the guy that slept in the back of the class and I was the nerd in the front row. We bonded in the elevator after failing our first exam, fell in love and have been best friends and business partners since.

What services do you offer and/or what do you specialize in? We craft films that just so happen to be about weddings.

What makes your business unique? Brandon and I also have professional careers in the film industry. He is a cinematographer who has shot feature films and TV series. I work as a production manager for music videos, commercials and films. We bring all of that experience to Moonflower.

What is your favorite part of working with couples? How can anyone complain about working with people who are in love? Especially when you get to work beside your best friend.

One piece of advice for couples? Make your day truly reflective of you as a couple. Tune out all advice that doesn’t feel genuinely you.

Childhood career aspiration? Brandon was directing movies at age five with a VHS camera and I wanted to be an elementary school art teacher. I’d say we came pretty close.

Coffee or tea? Coffee and tea for me and root beer for him.

Hidden Talent? I taught myself to juggle and he can do a kick-flip on a skateboard. That’s a talent, right?

Rainy Wedding day at Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast • Addie Eshelman Photography


We adore rainy day weddings, and this one from Addie Eshelman Photography is certainly no exception. Caitlyn and Travis embraced the change of weather on their wedding day, complete with outdoor photos and umbrellas! Just goes to show that your wedding day is perfect, rain, snow or sunshine.

From Addie : Everyone always says that rain on your wedding day is good luck. This must be the luckiest couple I’ve ever photographed because let me tell you, it rained, a lot! And from the smiles on their faces, you’d never even know :)

Vendors: Florist: Wholesale from Whole Blossoms and Fifty Flowers | Caterer: Grandpa’s Country Catering | Dress: David’s Bridal | DJ: Tim Cramer | Invitations: Designed by the bride | Venue: Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast | Photography : Addie Eshelman Photography

Romantic Engagement at Awosting Falls, NY • Jennifer Manzi Photography


This waterfall engagement session for Asta and Clay shared by Jennifer Manzi Photography begins with one of the sweetest and unique proposal stories I've ever heard. And the images captured at Awosting Falls in NY are both breathtaking and romantic... which is exactly how an engagement session should be! 

From Jennifer: Asta + Clay are young actors in NYC. They met when they were cast opposite each other and their romance was immediate. They kept their love top secret and off the set since they had signed a no-fraternizing clause in their casting contracts. Once their casting was over, it was no surprise to anyone that they had been dating. They were natural in love and the world knew it.

They LOVE getting away from the city into the woods and often visit the Catskills for mini vacations, day trips to hike and take in the beauty of nature, and to just be away from the noise that surrounds them. They both grew up in other parts of the country and some day plan to settle in a nice home away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

Their engagement session was at Minnewaska State Park in New Paltz NY along the Awosting Hiking Trail and then overlooking the Awosting Falls within the State Park.

Engagement Story from the couple : Since we met we've been committed to keeping romance alive and making everyday an adventure... We talked about marriage and met each other's families and knew one day he would "pop the question".

The question was when? Well, it seems there was a plan in place.

For our two year anniversary we both agreed we should make it special. Having just produced a show together and with Clay on his way to shoot a film shortly after--we wanted to make it well worth it.

Because of penny pinching, I was unsure I'd need/want anything more than a nice night in with my man BUT he insisted we could really use a getaway. We decided on a cabin rental in the catskills to enjoy our Blueberry Champagne (from Renault Winery-our 1 year anniversary) and each other for three days away from the stresses of the city life. Before we would get going Clay insisted on a picnic to kick it off.

So, there we were about to embark on our adorable picnic (complete with gluten free biscuits and blueberry jam), at the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park, when Clay asks if I'd look over a script with him. As this is common in our relationship, reading scripts and scenes together, I thought- "sure".

Well, the script was about two lovers in a park getting ready to have a picnic... after some adorable banter and an interjecting character saying, "you're a lucky guy!" "You better take good care of her, son."

The two found a place to sit.

Then the last page arrived and it dawned on me what was happening...I was bawling.

My final line: "I love you. Put your script down. (he does) You're Clay. I'm Asta. We're really here. And now I'm going to put my script down, and you're going to speak from your heart."

Clay spoke from his heart and then got down on one knee to ask if he could play the role of my husband.

"Will you marry me?"

I said, "YES!!!!" (duh)

As if that wasn't enough, he enlisted a friend of ours the lovely Laura Vogels to capture the moment in photos and I was of course a sobbing, cursing wreck. We did manage a few lovely photos and had a lovely picnic and after telling our families and friends--we drove off into nature and had a wonderful two year anniversary

Local Events • Modern Calligraphy with Parris Chic Boutique


Calligraphy has to be my most favorite art form. It's both classic and modern, and can elevate anything from a wedding invitation to a gift tag in a blink of an eye. Alyssa from Parris Chic Boutique gives you behind the scenes access to her talent and skill in her Modern Calligraphy Workshops in her southern New Jersey studio. A seat in Alyssa's class is high on my wish list, and with Mother's Day and wedding season just around the corner, maybe you know a special someone who would love this as a gift, too! 

From Alyssa: My beginners calligraphy class will walk you through all the basic steps and techniques to get you writing with a calligraphy pen like a pro. These classes are full of relaxation and fun in the comfiest of settings with the most elegant décor. It’s a day you’ll surely want to be a part of! You will walk away with all the tools you need to practice your skill and finally get those pretty hand written letters out! 

Included Supplies:
Calligraphy Pen • Nibs • Pencils • Paper • Clipboards • Handmade Instruction Booklet • And more!

Beautiful photos above by Love & Light Photographs


Cozy and Sweet Engagement in Mullica Hill • Whimsical Imagery


There aren't words to describe how much I love this engagement session from Whimsical Imagery. Everything about it seems so authentic and effortless, and it's clear from the gorgeous images that these two are head-over-heels for each other. Sarah & Sham are naturals in front of the camera, and I can only imagine how stunning their wedding will be!

From AmberLee: Sarah & Sham were such a sweet couple to work with and they had a great sense of style. We used the small town of Mullica Hill as the setting for the engagement session. We were able to use a cute shop (Farm House Designs in Mullica Hill) as a backdrop for our session that had the perfect cozy cabin feeling. We walked around the town and found some nice little spots. At the end when, it was starting to get dark, Sarah & Sham did an outfit change then we headed to the backyard of Farm House Designs/Canteen and I tried to create the feeling of Sham's proposal to Sarah with the romantic candlelit feel. 

Meet-the-Maker • Kerry Patel Floral Designs


Perhaps we can lure the spring weather back by sharing one of our favorite floral designers? I'm so excited to introduce you to Kerry Patel of Kerry Patel Designs, a member of of the Red Oak Wedding Preferred Vendor Guide! Kerry is smart, humble, and as sweet as they come. She was a huge part of our Red Oak Brand Shoot, contributing designs to match the brand while only working from an inspiration board. Her knowledge of flowers runs deep, and she'll easily bring your vision to life for your wedding day. Get to know a little bit about her, below!

Hi! I’m Kerry, a flower-loving wife of a patient and always-there-for-me husband, a mom to an awesome little boy, and a crazy Cockapoo named The Coop. Before flowers, there was title insurance, a long commute into New York City, endless hours of work, and a dying passion for my job. Flowers have always made me happy, but I didn’t begin designing seriously until I became a member of my local Garden Club - entering flower shows, taking design workshops - and I soon found pleasure and my true passion, incorporating the beauty of flowers into everyday life.

Red Oak Weddings | Wedding + Lifestyle Blog for the Modern Couple in NY, NJ + PA | Meet-the-Maker | Kerry Patel Floral Designs

What do you specialize in? I love designing lush, organic florals for the bride and her bridal party, incorporating the elements of nature in my designs. I also do custom arrangements to grace your tables and buffet, and can add a bit of painterly drama to your dinner party.

Red Oak Weddings | Wedding + Lifestyle Blog for the Modern Couple in NY, NJ + PA | Meet-the-Maker | Kerry Patel Floral Designs

What makes your business unique? Floral design doesn’t fit in a box - and it shouldn’t. It’s an interpretation of nature, inspiration gained through my surroundings, and a feeling I get when working with the perfect bloom. It’s a flowering branch at just that perfect arc, or the unusual plant material like berries, pods, and leaves. This is what makes KP Designs unique. No two designs are ever the same.

Favorite part of working with couples? I’d have to say their vision. It’s different in every instance, every wedding, and that never gets dull!

Red Oak Weddings | Wedding + Lifestyle Blog for the Modern Couple in NY, NJ + PA | Meet-the-Maker | Kerry Patel Floral Designs

One piece of advice for couples: Everyone will tell you not to stress out on the details, including me, because at the end of the day, YOU may very well be the only one that notices. I’d tell you it’s okay to let your wedding vendor professionals be inspired by your ideas and vision for your day - and let them run with it. By letting them work their magic might actually result in something better than what you had dreamt about.

Red Oak Weddings | Wedding + Lifestyle Blog for the Modern Couple in NY, NJ + PA | Meet-the-Maker | Kerry Patel Floral Designs

Childhood Career Aspiration? This is a tough one. Not one thing stands out for me from my early years. These are the cards I’ve been dealt, and it’s up to me to make the best of it, and that means staying humble, yet confident; being content, yet never stop from growing; learn from my mistakes, and lead with conviction and a dash of humility.

Coffee or Tea? Oh goodness me, I do so love a good cup of tea!

Hidden Talent? This would have to be interior design. Not only will I design your wedding bouquet, but I’ll also design your new kitchen or bath! Don’t tell anyone, but I have a secret love for tile and stone!

Red Oak Weddings | Wedding + Lifestyle Blog for the Modern Couple in NY, NJ + PA | Meet-the-Maker | Kerry Patel Floral Designs

Rustic Elegance at Red Maple Vineyards • Cassi Claire Photography


This wedding from Cassi Claire Photography will absolutely put a smile on your face this morning. Cassi captured Iliza and Alan's rustic wedding at Red Maple Vineyards last fall, and the entire day was full of emotion, personal touches and FUN. Iliza and Alan define what joy looks like on your wedding day, and are absolutely adorable. 

From the Bride: Alan and I planned our wedding together, and we both felt so much ownership and excitement for the day. More than anything, we wanted our wedding to feel like a true representation of us and the things we love—the outdoors, lots of seafood and lots of dancing! It was so important to us that we enjoyed our wedding, and so we adapted or threw out traditions that didn’t fit that vision. My favorite choice we made was doing our first look many hours before the ceremony: we actually got to be together for most of our wedding day, which just felt right. The day was for us and we could not wait to live in the moment together. We also took all of the family photos and portraits before the ceremony, and so we didn’t miss a second of our cocktail hour or time on the dance floor.

Alan described our wedding style as “farm formal”—a term that our friends like to joke about because, really, what does that mean?! But it works, and Red Maple Vineyard was the perfect backdrop for a comfortable, rustic celebration with hints of fancy. We were especially drawn to the gorgeous ceremony site overlooking the Hudson River. Leading up to the wedding, the weather report was terrible: 60% chance of thunderstorms! But just an hour before the ceremony we decided to chance it and get married on that amazing hill. We are so glad we did! We were married by Alan’s minister from growing up which made the moment so personal, and we wrote our own vows together. The weather held out for the ceremony and cocktail hour, and it didn’t start to rain until just minutes after all of our guests were safely seated for dinner under the tent.

Our vendors did an amazing job making our vision come to life, and because of them, the reception was magical, delicious and an absolute dance PARTY! We also wanted to incorporate personal touches to make the day our own. We both carried family heirlooms: Alan a handkerchief that his great-grandmother and his mom each had at their weddings, and I wrapped lace from my mom’s wedding dress around my bouquet. I learned calligraphy for the invitations and escort cards, and my mom made the runners for the bridal table and the escort card display. We labeled the tables with sea creatures instead of numbers—just another reminder of our love of the ocean and diving—and we incorporated a whale tail on our invitations, as whales hold extra special meaning to us. But by far the biggest undertaking was the favors! Alan and I made 200 jars of pickles which were set at each place setting. It was the most time-consuming project we did, but we were really excited that our guests walked away with something that truly felt like a piece of us. 

Vendors: Photography & FUNbooth: Cassi Claire | Ceremony & Reception Site: Red Maple Vineyard  | Catering: Cornerstone Catering  | Officiant: Rev. Paul Whitmore | Flowers: The Green Cottage  | Bride's Dress: Augusta Jones via Rana Bridal | Bride's Shoes: Sperry Topsider | The Rings: Klim Jewelry (Elena) | Veil:  Rana Bridal | Hairpin family heirloom | Groom's Attire: Canali from Ed Mitchells | Groomsmen's Attire: Bonobos  | Ties: Vineyard Vines  | Hair Stylist: Studio One Hair Design (Amanda) | Make-Up Artist: Kathy Genchi | Invitations, Programs, Menu Cards, Welcome Cards: AMG Design Co.  | Table Numbers, Escort Cards, Guestbook, Favors: DIY | Entertainment: Silver Arrow Band  | Coffee: Between Friends Roasting


Intimate Rustic Wedding at Moonstone Manor • Ali Paul Co.


I can't think of any better way to end the week than sharing this stunning fall wedding from Ali & Paul Co. You saw Kayla + Zane's mountaintop engagement yesterday, but that was just the beginning... their wedding is the epitome of classic elegance blended with rustic charm, and a little whimsy thrown in for good measure. The venue, the dress, those flowers... swoon! And the ice cream truck? What a perfectly fun way to end the night! 

From Ali : Zane & Kayla had a gorgeous woodland themed wedding that tied in well with their love for the outdoors and ice-cream. (Yes... ice-cream.) The guests were given a small envelope with a note on the front instructing them not to open until 7:00. They were then treated to a small cone from the sweetest, local ice-cream truck! It was the best surprise and their guests loved it! Also, I'm totally down with a pasta bar at every single wedding... mmkay?

The day was filled with so many sweet moments, but one of my favorites was when her grandfather was assisted out of his wheelchair, for a short moment, to dance with the bride!

Vendors: Bridal Gown : Renaissance Bridals | Bouquet : Petals with Style  | Bridal Hair : Nicole:  Bristle & Prim | Makeup : Blush Beautiful | Venue : Moonstone Manor  | Cake : Rosie's Creative Cakes | Favors : Penny's Ice-cream Truck | Dj : Freez Entertainment  | Stationery : Designed by bride  | Catering : Rosa Rosa | Photography : Ali & Paul Co. | Wedding Planner : Every Final Detail