Classic Wedding at The Thayer Hotel at West Point • Laura Lee Photography


Classic weddings will always have our heart, and this gorgeous summer wedding from Laura Lee Photography is certainly no exception. Ashley + Steven's wedding at the Thayer Hotel was absolutely stunning, but the obvious connection these two share is truly the most beautiful part of it all. From Ashley's timeless dress, to the pale blush BHLDN bridesmaids dresses and the elegance of the Thayer Hotel, this wedding is one we'll be loving for a long time.

From Laura: Any wedding at the Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY is beautiful, but when you add in two people like Ashley and Steven, you can’t help but shed a few tears and have your heart beat a little faster. Ashley and Steven met on New Years in 2010. They were both at a bar with friends and happened to meet, share a dance, and share a first kiss at midnight. This moment became the turning point in their life that neither of them were expecting, but welcomed with open arms. Since their first date five days after meeting, they have become inseparable best friends and their love for each other is truly unparalleled.

On the wedding day, the weather was hot. Like really hot! 90 degrees and barely a cloud in the sky. We were doing the first look in the early afternoon and when Ashley and I went outside I greeted Steven, who was already crying in anticipation of seeing his beautiful bride. It was the most emotional first look I’ve photographed to date I couldn’t help but shed a few tears myself. Ashley looked absolutely stunning in her Sareh Nouri gown and Steven was left speechless. They exchanged hugs, tears, gifts and cards and I am so thankful we got to capture these moments.

From there, we went into the ceremony, which overlooked the Hudson River on the lawn of the Thayer. It was absolutely stunning! The shade started to creep in, which we were so thankful for. Family and wedding party portraits were next and the heat was killing us! When it was time for bride and groom's portraits, we found the most magical spot of land where the sun was glowing through the trees. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground MULTIPLE times because I was just in awe of how gorgeous and in love Ashley and Steven looked.

Here’s a few things I love that they said about each other when I asked:

Steven, what things do you love most about Ashley? There are many things about Ashley that I love but above all would be her presence. Whether I have a good day or a bad day I always know I will have someone to listen to me complain but more importantly laugh and joke around with. Most nights we fall asleep historically laughing and I honesty don’t know why. Never would I ever have imagined finding someone with a similar sense of humor and personality. Getting out of work there is nothing better than coming home seeing the smile on the face of the beautiful little blonde woman I have been inseparable from the last 4 and a half years of my life and knowing that I can grow old with her.

Ashley, What things do you love most about Steven? Steven is the most down to earth, genuine, and kind man. He is patient and understanding, and loves me wholeheartedly, flaws and all. I count down the minutes at work and rush to get home to him, because I know my other half will be there to share in the joy of a day, cheer me up after a bad day, and love me unconditionally. That is what I love most about him, he loves me unconditionally. He helps me be the best version of myself that I can be. I love that I can look at him and see ham as my boyfriend, my fiance’, my husband, a father, a lover, a friend, and a partner in crime. He is everything to me.

Vendors: Venue: The Thayer Hotel | Florist: Bassett Flowers | Cake: Homestyle Desserts Bakery | DJ: Gypsy Wisdom | Makeup: J. Kinford Beauty Group | Hair: J. Kinford Beauty Group | Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN | Wedding Dress: Sareh Nouri | Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

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