Romantic Wedding in the Rain at The High Point • Adrienne Matz


I have a soft spot for couples who get married in the rain, and when a photographer as incredible as Adrienne Matz is behind the camera, I know I'm going to love it. Full of romantic details, soft colors and lots of joy, Erin + Dan's spring wedding at High Point is as gorgeous as they come. 

From Adrienne: There’s no doubt in my mind that Erin & Dan were meant for each other! They were married at St. Patrick Church with their reception at the beautiful High Point in Malvern, PA. Erin looked amazing and wore her mother’s veil and Dan looked dapper in his J.Crew suit and blush tie. They spring color palette of blush pink, spring green, grey & ivory was such a perfect combination! For their portraits we wandered around the historic section of the property and even had to take out the umbrella for a bit. Erin & Dan were a perfect example of how to embrace the rain! From the moment they saw each other for the first time, to their sweet first dance, to getting soaked in the rain to top off the night, these two couldn't stop smiling. Not to mention, they were surrounded by some of the nicest friends and family ever! Enjoy a look into their wedding day!

Vendors: Second Photographer: Aaren Lee Photography | Reception: The High Point Malvern | Hair: Cheers 2 U Events | Makeup: Shari Dutkin | DJ: Cutting Edge Entertainment | Blooms: Cameron at Wegmans King of Prussia | Cake: Clays Creative Corner Bakery | Invitation: Designed by the Best Man Adam White | Dress: Sabrina Ann in Ardmore | Suit: J.Crew 

Congress Hall Cape May, New Jersey Engagement • Aaren Lee Photography


We pretty much adore everything Aaren Lee does, but this engagement may be our absolute favorite. Rachel + Matt did nothing extraordinary for their session, but that's why we love it so much. Just two people, totally in love, cuddled up on a windy beach in New Jersey... these photos make us want to get engaged all over again! 

From Aaren: The weather was supposed to be sunny and 60, but when we all arrived to Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ, the wind and chill tried to blow us right back to PA. Despite the conditions, these two inspired me. I can't say that I would have handled whipping winds with as much grace and poise as they did. While it wasn't the most ideal weather, I'm so thankful for brave couples like Rachel and Matt to keep trying, braving the cold, making memories and walking away with one of the most intimate and raw engagement sessions that we've done.

Charming and Emotional Wedding at Valenzano Winery • Aaren Lee Photography


Get ready... lots of pretty for your Monday! This Valenzano Winery Wedding from Aaren Lee Photography is full of everything we love: gorgeous details, pops of color and genuine joy. Brenda and Chuck are absolutely adorable, and with one of the most emotional first-looks we've ever seen, this wedding certainly tugged on our heartstrings. Get ready to fall in love! 

From Aaren: The forecast was gloomy with steady chance of thunderstorms for Brenda & Chuck's wedding day. Determined to help them trust that everything would be okay, I went in with a few extra umbrellas and lace parasols for the 'just in case'. However, much to all over our surprises, when we awakened on Friday, the forecast was clear of rain and promising only clouds for us. We took it with smiles on our faces! When Brenda arrived to the aLOFT hotel, her face was GLOWING. In fact, I'm not sure that I ever truly saw the smile leave her eyes that day. As we moved through the flurry of preparation, headed to the first look and saw Chuck waiting there for his bride, it was clear that this was going to be an incredibly special day. From an emotional first look and a hilarious bridal party to one of the most incredibly moving and important mother-son dances I've ever witnessed with not a dry eye in the house and a magical few minutes of night portraits, this day was one I will surely never forget (and I'm sure they can say the same).

Vendors: Photographer: Aaren Lee Photography, Reception: Valenzano Winery, DJ: Time Productions, Caterer: Summit Catering, Florals: Freshest Flowers

Romantic and Rainy Engagement at the Swarthmore College Arboretum • Aaren Lee Photography


We can't help but immediately think of a Nicholas Sparks novel when looking at this incredible engagement session from Aaren Lee Photography. Josh + Rebecca were willing to take a chance on the weather, and when the storm finally rolled in, chose to embrace it dance in the rain. Honestly, it doesn't get any more romantic than that! 

From Aaren: In my life, I don't think I've ever displayed my indecisiveness more than I did for this e-session. For days it seems, Josh, Rebecca and I were going back and forth between whether or not we should shoot. 80% rain at 5pm (right smack dab in the middle of our session) seemed pretty ominous. However, after much debating that day, we decided that we'd try to test out our theory that weathermen are often very, very wrong.

That day they were right.

After booking it through the BEAUTIFUL highlights of Swarthmore College's Arboretum for about half an hour, thunder started rollin' and drops started fallin'. After ducking for cover under a porch for about 15 minutes, it was discovered that Rebecca's keys were nowhere to be found. Being the noble gentleman that he is, Josh sacrificed himself to a second shower in order to grab umbrellas for us, as well as locate the missing keys. When he returned soaked to the core, an executive decision was made to embrace the storm and go dance in it. I mean, why not, right? Now, I am a huge believer that shooting in the rain is not exactly ideal for most photographers and clients (and it can be difficult when you're by yourself), BUT I'm also a firm believer that a better decision couldn't have been made for us that day. Josh and Rebecca's giddy, silly romp between the raindrops will go down in my mind as one of my favorite adventures yet.

Industrial and Chic Wedding at Cork Factory Hotel • Aaren Lee Photography


Monday just got a whole lot prettier! This gorgeous wedding from Aaren Lee Photography at the Cork Factory Hotel is truly one of a kind. Effortless, chic and totally thoughtful, we love the way Alex + Ben made the day completely their own. And you'd never know that heavy rains and winds from Hurricane Joaquin were threatening their day. These two smiled big and enjoyed every moment... exactly the way your wedding day should be!

From Aaren: Alex and Ben. What on earth can I REALLY say about Alex and Ben that will do them or their day justice? Hurricane Joaquin came and went without REALLY touching us, but it did leave a nice trail of heavy rain and crazy wind in it's wake. Didn't phase these two one bit! Thankfully, the Cork Factory Hotel has quite a few nooks and crannies that allowed for some pretty one-of-a-kind portraits! From tri-toned floral robes and heirloom pearl necklaces to chic new watches, succulents galore and two of the biggest smiles I've EVER seen in my whole life, this wedding was incredibly detailed and incredibly special. I'm not quite sure if I ever saw Alex break down and cry like she promised she would, but it was clear from each speech that was given just how loved and treasured this union was to all in attendance. Despite doing my best to keep it together as their day unfolded (I've definitely been known to shed some tears behind the camera during father/daughter dances), even I had to succumb to the tears (actually, just full on ugly crying if I'm being real honest) during Mama Lee's thank you speech to all of the vendors that shared their talents to make her daughter's day special. I love these guys, and I hope you do too.

Vendors: Ceremony + Reception: Cork Factory Hotel, Photography: Aaren Lee Photography, Florals: Wildflowers By Design, Bridal Gown: In White, DJ: One 2 One Productions

Golden Fall Engagement at Valley Forge National Park • Aaren Lee Photography


These photos from Aaren Lee Photography are quite possibly everything you could imagine a perfect fall engagement would be. The colors, the light... the obvious connection between Allison + Matt. Oh, and that dress? It's what fall fairy-tales are made of. 

From Aaren:  People talk about chemistry. Most are describing a couple that way because it's visible of just how much they fit together. It might be possible that if you look up the definition of the word that you'd find Matt and Allison's picture there They love each other, and they let their love shine just by being who they are.

Ever have a moment when you're afraid to speak for fear that you'll ruin something? I have, countless times. But rarely ever in reference to a couple. I literally felt as though I'd seen a unicorn and if I made any sudden movements, it would vanish. These two....they just were. And it was glorious.