Sweet + Simple Engagement Session in Morristown Historical Park • Laurel Creative


One of the best parts of this gig is reading the love stories tied to the gorgeous weddings and engagements we share, and today's session from Laurel Creative is at the very top of that list. Katie + Vinny's story is so beautiful, not just because they end up together, but because it's so real. These two were clearly meant for each other, are absolutely adorable, and are a wonderful reminder that sometimes the joy is in the journey. 

From the Bride: I wish that I could say it was love at first sight but that wouldn't do our story any justice. Approximately 12 years ago our story began on a hot day in July- I was an 11 year old camper at a Christian camp that both Vinnie & I had attended that summer. We never really formally met, but we both knew of each other considering we had attended the same camp for years. In 2014 I had joined the staff team helping out with the videography of the same camp that Vinnie & I had attended previously, to my surprise Vinnie was also on the staff working as a nurse for that week. I had been undergoing an intensive nursing program prior to camp so I had a few assignments that I still needed to get done that week, Vinnie heard about this and he sought me out to offer any assistance that I might need. That week we really enjoyed getting to know each other & becoming better friends. After camp we talked quite frequently, seeking advice & prayer often in our different life circumstances. It was 2015 when I was asked to be a nurse on staff for the same camp alongside Vinnie, we both were very excited to work together! In the Fall of 2015 Vinnie had told me that he had feelings for me, unfortunately I was not feeling the same way. I was just starting my senior year & trying to plan what life would look like come graduation in May. Over the next few months I had received numerous deliveries of flowers to my house & Amazon packages with items I had mentioned in simply wanting or needing. In December I had agreed to let Vinnie take me on ONE date. On the 27th he took me on the most extravagant date I have ever been on, we had dinner in Time Square and then saw a broadway show, to end the night off we went to go see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. I heard God speak to me saying "He's right there", on February 15, 2016 we had started dating. Vinnie showed me what it meant to be pursued and he gave me a glimpse into how the Lord pursues my heart. We both truly believe we were prepared by the Lord for each other." 

Photographer: Laurel Creative