Romantic Engagement at Awosting Falls, NY • Jennifer Manzi Photography


This waterfall engagement session for Asta and Clay shared by Jennifer Manzi Photography begins with one of the sweetest and unique proposal stories I've ever heard. And the images captured at Awosting Falls in NY are both breathtaking and romantic... which is exactly how an engagement session should be! 

From Jennifer: Asta + Clay are young actors in NYC. They met when they were cast opposite each other and their romance was immediate. They kept their love top secret and off the set since they had signed a no-fraternizing clause in their casting contracts. Once their casting was over, it was no surprise to anyone that they had been dating. They were natural in love and the world knew it.

They LOVE getting away from the city into the woods and often visit the Catskills for mini vacations, day trips to hike and take in the beauty of nature, and to just be away from the noise that surrounds them. They both grew up in other parts of the country and some day plan to settle in a nice home away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

Their engagement session was at Minnewaska State Park in New Paltz NY along the Awosting Hiking Trail and then overlooking the Awosting Falls within the State Park.

Engagement Story from the couple : Since we met we've been committed to keeping romance alive and making everyday an adventure... We talked about marriage and met each other's families and knew one day he would "pop the question".

The question was when? Well, it seems there was a plan in place.

For our two year anniversary we both agreed we should make it special. Having just produced a show together and with Clay on his way to shoot a film shortly after--we wanted to make it well worth it.

Because of penny pinching, I was unsure I'd need/want anything more than a nice night in with my man BUT he insisted we could really use a getaway. We decided on a cabin rental in the catskills to enjoy our Blueberry Champagne (from Renault Winery-our 1 year anniversary) and each other for three days away from the stresses of the city life. Before we would get going Clay insisted on a picnic to kick it off.

So, there we were about to embark on our adorable picnic (complete with gluten free biscuits and blueberry jam), at the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park, when Clay asks if I'd look over a script with him. As this is common in our relationship, reading scripts and scenes together, I thought- "sure".

Well, the script was about two lovers in a park getting ready to have a picnic... after some adorable banter and an interjecting character saying, "you're a lucky guy!" "You better take good care of her, son."

The two found a place to sit.

Then the last page arrived and it dawned on me what was happening...I was bawling.

My final line: "I love you. Put your script down. (he does) You're Clay. I'm Asta. We're really here. And now I'm going to put my script down, and you're going to speak from your heart."

Clay spoke from his heart and then got down on one knee to ask if he could play the role of my husband.

"Will you marry me?"

I said, "YES!!!!" (duh)

As if that wasn't enough, he enlisted a friend of ours the lovely Laura Vogels to capture the moment in photos and I was of course a sobbing, cursing wreck. We did manage a few lovely photos and had a lovely picnic and after telling our families and friends--we drove off into nature and had a wonderful two year anniversary