Sunset Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session • Rob Spring Photography


If you've been reading for a while, you already know that we swoon over Brooklyn Bridge engagement sessions. They're always chic, always gorgeous, and the perfect way to capture your life in New York. When Rob Spring sent us this sunrise engagement session, we were immediately in love. Nicole + Kevin are complete naturals in front of the camera, completely in love, and  captured this special time in the place they call home. 

From Rob: Everyone shoots on the Brooklyn Bridge - but not everyone does it at sunrise to avoid the crowds, or walks there from their neighborhood, or laughs this much, or is this insanely beautiful!! Nicola & Kevin are getting married next year in upstate NY but wanted to get a piece of their current home photographed, so the engagement shoot was a perfect opportunity. They happen to be super nice, and smart, and successful - totally worth a look and following up with them to hear more of the details! :)