Sophisticated + Elegant Fall Wedding in Pittsburgh • Jenna Hidinger Photography


We've said it before and will say it forever: the classic weddings will always have our heart... and this gorgeous day from Jenna Hidinger certainly tops the list as one of our favorites! Janelle + Josh's Pittsburgh wedding was sophisticated and elegant with a modern spin, and everything from the stationery to the decor was absolutely stunning. Jenna's gift for storytelling through her photography has never been more apparent than with this wedding: every emotion and detail are captured so perfectly, you can't help but feel like you were sitting right there! 

From Jenna: There are so many things to love about this couple and about this day! From the moment I first met Janelle and Josh at Panera quite a few months ago, I could tell they were meant to be. Then, last December, I had the same thought as they sipped coffee together and stood (and danced) in freezing temperatures for their engagement session - not one complaint from either one about the weather - they were just happy to be together! And then, last month on their wedding day, after meeting their family and friends, I was truly in awe of these two wonderful, gracious people!

I recently listened to a podcast series titled "What Happy Couples Know" by Andy Stanley, and one of the BIG takeaways was that happy couples "understand that relationships are a race to the back of the line" - they understand the idea of being selfless with one another, and that they "know that they owe each other everything, but are owed nothing in return." Really, it comes down to putting the other person's needs and desires ahead of your own - and I noticed these two putting each other ahead of the other frequently throughout their engagement session and throughout their wedding day. One thing that really stuck out to me was Josh's willing attitude for photos - all day. Sometimes guys aren't as interested in having their photos taken as much as ladies, but Josh was so eager to make sure we were capturing all of the photos that his bride had envisioned, which totally blew us away (along with Janelle's absolutely stunning beauty and joyfulness throughout the day!). As you can imagine, we had SO MUCH FUN working with these two! How could we not?!

I really believe that we were able to capture Josh and Janelle's day in a way that really captures their love and joy for each other, and I am so thankful that we were asked to be a part of their wedding day!

DJ: Jeremy Ganss Productions | Cake Designer: Grandview Bakery | Hair Stylist: Above All Grand Salon & Spa | Cinema and Video: Just Hitched Wedding Films, LLC | Dress Store: The Exquisite Bride | Floral Designer: Posies by Patti | Event Venue: Embassy Suites Downtown Pittsburgh | Photographer: Jenna Hidinger Photography