Romantic Summer Engagement at Hartwood Acres • Lindsay Eileen Photography


Every once in a while you come across a session that leaves you with a permanent smile, and this gorgeous summer engagement is definitely one of them! Megan + Joe chose Hartwood Acres, one of Pittsburgh's gorgeous venues, to document their love story with one of our absolute favorites, Lindsay Eileen Photography - and what a perfect choice it was! From their on-point outfit choices to their radiating joy, these two are naturals in front of the camera and will most certainly light up your morning!

From Lindsay: Megan and Joe are just one of those couples that absolutely radiate love for each other.   Joe, a State Trooper, was a bartender during his senior year of college.   Megan and her friends would often visit this particular bar for dinner and drinks, where the handsome bartender quickly caught her eye.  Megan thought Joe was really cute, so she and her friends began to turn up during his work shift more and more frequently.  

The initial sparks turned into a love story, and Joe made plans to propose to his lovely girlfriend following his police academy graduation on a four day trip to beautiful Myrtle Beach.

One morning, Joe told Megan he was going downstairs to take the top off the jeep while she finished getting ready.  When she got downstairs, there was a note waiting for her with a message that said to come down to the beach.  When she reached the sandy shore, Joe was waiting for her.   They walked down towards the water where he got down on one knee and asked her to spend forever with him!  

When it came to planning her engagement session, Megan really put some thought into choosing amazing outfits that would really photograph well.  We headed out to one of Pittsburgh's gorgeous venues, Harwood Acres, for a sunset session.  The light was gorgeous, so we laughed, ran, and twirled our way through a session that really captured just how perfect these two are for each other.  

One of my favorite candid moments was when Joe crouched down to fasten Megan's shoes during an outfit change.   He has a very protective, caring love for her that is gorgeous to see, and when asked what she loves most about him, Megan responded with: "He is the kindest man I've ever known.  He has the biggest heart and would do anything for anyone."   Megan and Joe were an absolute joy to photograph, and Nathan and I cannot wait for their wedding!