Romantic Brooklyn Engagement Session • Upasana Mainali Photography


If you weren't already counting down the days until spring, after seeing today's romantic Brooklyn Engagement Session, you certainly will be! Danielle + Jake wanted engagement photos in their neighborhood, with nothing but their love shining through. Upasana captured these college sweetheart's fun-loving personalities among the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn, creating memories Danielle and Jake will remember for the rest of their lives. Enjoy!

From Upsana: Danielle and Jake's engagement in Brooklyn was as real as it can get. They wanted nothing but their true self in their neighborhood in Brooklyn for their engagement photos. We met bright and early at 7 am, I started my day with a delicious cup of hot chocolate from their neighborhood cafe, we walked around the neighborhood stopping for some stunning churches, worn down buildings, old cars and some of the most stunning brownstones and cobble stoned pavements. I had a so much fun exploring the neighborhood  with these college sweethearts who could not be anymore in love with each other.

From the Bride to be: Jake and I met in college at The University of Rhode Island. After knowing each other for just a couple weeks, Jake asked me to be his date at his Fraternity's Formal. We started dating that summer, and Danielle swears she knew Jake was the one. We both moved to NYC/ NJ after college, Jake to pursue a career in tv/ film production & Danielle in teaching, and soon after we got our own place together in Brooklyn! This past March we planned a trip to Costa Rica. After an 8 mile hike to and from a waterfall, we both had a glass of wine at our villa while watching the sunset over the ocean. It was that moment Jake took out the ring and proposed (finally!) :)