Blogger Bride Beach Engagement • Nicole DeTone Photography


Our favorite bride-to-be, Kristen of Maid of Henry is sharing her epically gorgeous engagement photos with us, and we're pretty certain you'll fall in love with them as quickly as we did. Kristen + Kevin could not be any cuter, and Nicole DeTone perfectly documented their entire session, including a gorgeous sunset and lots of laughter! And don't miss the rest of Kristen's posts as our very first Blogger Bride, linked below! 

From Nicole: With not only a perfect vision for their wedding day, but also for their entire wedding journey, Kristen + Kevin wanted to have their engagement session photographed in a location that fit their personalities, would add some variety but still be cohesive with the rest of their documented wedding events, and of course be stunning. I suggested Sherwood Island Beach in CT as a nod to when they were engaged on the beach in Cape Cod and because it offers a change of scenery from where their backyard engagement party was and where their lakeside wedding will be. I'm in love with their outfit choices as the light, neutral, cool colors compliment the couple so well and coordinated with our location beautifully. We had such a lovely time exploring this pretty little piece of the east coast, enjoying a perfect sunset, and laughing all along the way!