Romantic and Rainy Engagement at the Swarthmore College Arboretum • Aaren Lee Photography


We can't help but immediately think of a Nicholas Sparks novel when looking at this incredible engagement session from Aaren Lee Photography. Josh + Rebecca were willing to take a chance on the weather, and when the storm finally rolled in, chose to embrace it dance in the rain. Honestly, it doesn't get any more romantic than that! 

From Aaren: In my life, I don't think I've ever displayed my indecisiveness more than I did for this e-session. For days it seems, Josh, Rebecca and I were going back and forth between whether or not we should shoot. 80% rain at 5pm (right smack dab in the middle of our session) seemed pretty ominous. However, after much debating that day, we decided that we'd try to test out our theory that weathermen are often very, very wrong.

That day they were right.

After booking it through the BEAUTIFUL highlights of Swarthmore College's Arboretum for about half an hour, thunder started rollin' and drops started fallin'. After ducking for cover under a porch for about 15 minutes, it was discovered that Rebecca's keys were nowhere to be found. Being the noble gentleman that he is, Josh sacrificed himself to a second shower in order to grab umbrellas for us, as well as locate the missing keys. When he returned soaked to the core, an executive decision was made to embrace the storm and go dance in it. I mean, why not, right? Now, I am a huge believer that shooting in the rain is not exactly ideal for most photographers and clients (and it can be difficult when you're by yourself), BUT I'm also a firm believer that a better decision couldn't have been made for us that day. Josh and Rebecca's giddy, silly romp between the raindrops will go down in my mind as one of my favorite adventures yet.