Red Oak Favorites • That's Darlin' Gifting


Gifting is our love language, and when you need someone to pull together the perfect gift for you, Malissa from That's Darlin' Gifting is the one to call. Malissa recently changed over her entire assortment of gifts, and the photos from Love & Light Photographs are incredible. And while the gifts she creates are incredible, the heart behind her business is what stands out the most. 

Red Oak Favorites • That's Darlin' Gifting

From Malissa: Gifting with intention fills my heart. A thoughtful, well styled gift has a way of making the recipient feel loved and cared for. Whether its a business showing their gratitude to their customers or a bride and groom showering their guests with a thoughtful welcome gift, the underlying message is always the same. Each item will have a purpose and pair nicely with the other items selected. There is a rhyme and reason to the products chosen. Your message will be conveyed to the recipient through the items we choose to tell your one-of-a-kind story.Advice to couples: Welcome gifts are the first impression of what is in store for your wedding weekend. It's a way to give your guests a glimpse at what's to come as well as showing them how truly grateful you are to have them there. Welcome gifts should include the weekends itinerary as well as a few thoughtfully selected items presented in a way that reflects the events theme. When designing your welcome gifts, look for inspiration within your own love story to help you curate the perfect combination of useful and meaningful products.

There is nothing quite like the experience of receiving a gift that has been thoughtfully and personally selected just for you. We believe whole-heartedly in the importance and goodness of the gifting process. I work with each one of my clients to ensure their one of a kind story and message shines through in each gift they give. That's Darlin' offers more than just a service, we are striving to provide you with an experience. One where your story will dictate the final result.

It is to the utmost importance that I can offer my clients what is uniquely my own. If I am not managing my business with pure intent then I have no business. I put my heart into each and every design I create, with the hopes that the recipient actually feels the love and thought that was placed into their gift. This is my pure intent, my mission.

I believe That's Darlin' is for anyone who appreciates the importance of brand identity and carrying it all the way through to the gifts they give. Client gifts can be built around one's business values and branding to support a consistent image for one's business. This business is also geared towards the marrying couple that not only want to show their appreciation and love to those who are there to celebrate with them in their marriage but also would like to give their guests a sneak peak at what they are going to be experiencing. Welcome gifts are a way to incorporate a glimpse the weddings theme . I do this through thoughtfully selecting items that represent the couple in a tasteful and elegant way.

Photos by Love & Light Photographs