Red Oak Favorites • Minted Holiday Cards from Local Designers



As soon as Halloween is over, the unofficial countdown-to-Christmas begins. One of the first things we all think about is sending out our Holiday cards (and every year, we promise ourselves they will be out BEFORE Christmas Eve, right?!). We're honored to be sharing some of our favorite designs from the Minted Holiday Collection - some of the most beautiful and stylish stationery out there.

Minted  is, and always has been, the king of stationery. Offering the most cutting edge, trend-setting and inspiring designs available, they've become know as THE place to buy everything from Holiday Cards to Wedding Invitations, and now, fabric and home decor!.  

What makes Minted unique, is that every item sold on their site is from an indie-designer - a small business owner - who entered one of their famous design challenges... and won! We've always loved Minted and are thrilled to support the local designers from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that are a part of Minted. We love all things local, and these incredible designers are certainly no exception! 

Red Oak Favorites | Minted Holiday Cards from Local Designers





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