Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Session • Jess Watson Photography


The only thing we love more than an adorable Christmas engagement session, is when the bride is one of our favorite vendors! Erika is the baking whiz behind Love Bites Erika, who not only has been featured here on the blog before, but also creates the most delicious baked goods (from what I've heard, cough cough!) Joe and Erika were engaged on Christmas, so it only made sense to have their engagement session at a Christmas Tree Farm! Jess Watson captured every sweet moment, and sweet treat, and we honestly couldn't love this session more. 

From the Bride: Joe and I were fate. Technically met 10 years ago, when he came to a Halloween party thrown by me & a childhood friend of his at my college. I was dressed as zombie Audrey Hepburn, and he had a curly blonde afro, or so he tells me. He claims he tried to talk to me and that I ignored him, but I don't recall this.

My first memory of Joe was a summer later, when I first came to Easton to visit that same friend from the Halloween party. A lot of my friends from college were from Easton, and throwing a big end of summer barbecue. I was late as usual, and he was passed out in a chair in all his clothes soaking wet from the pool. It got dark and chilly, and I covered him with a blanket. He thanked me. That was that, or so I thought...

Fast forward to a little over 4 years ago. We both finished an exhausting 11 hour work day at our respective jobs and reluctantly drug ourselves to Musikfest, where that same friend from before was waiting with tickets. A couple of hours, one Sublime set list, one lost friend, several cruises in Joe's Maverick (which at the time didn't have seats), and a quick B&E to retrieve my purse later, we were falling asleep on each other's shoulders, hands clasped tightly in rocking chairs on a friend's porch like a 70-year-old married couple. That was it for me. 

I was intrigued by the shy, quiet guy with mischievous eyes driving the muscle car with only a driver's seat, he was infatuated with the wild-haired girl who sang out loud in front of a stranger, didnt mind sitting on the floor of an unfinished car, and who had covered him with a blanket years before.

A week later we were dating, and a year after that I was officially moving to Easton into our first home. We've seen each other through good times and bad, done some pretty awesome things, and grown so much together. 

But the highlight for me came last Christmas, just before midnight, as I was washing dishes after a family gathering. I heard him clear his throat and turned to find him down on one knee, holding his grandmother's ring. The next few minutes was a blur of happy tears, frantic kisses, and incomprehensible noises, but it all meant one thing: yes! Yes, I wanted to be his wife. It was all I wanted for Christmas.

After the initial excitement we noticed the inscription inside the ring, "LTY to JAR 12-25-52." Joe swore he hadn't seen it before. He chuckled holding the ornament I'd made him that year, with "All I Want for Christmas is You" stitched in bright colors. Later, my mother would remind me that Christmas was also my grandparents anniversary. We talked about destiny, and all the strange coincidences that had led to this moment, and how some things are just meant to be. We were fate, and now Christmas will always be that much more special to us.

Tree Farm: Unangst Tree Farm | Couple and Deserts: Love Bites By Erika

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