New York City Engagement Session • Divine Light Photography


One of the best things about being a local wedding blogger is seeing something old through new eyes. We've shared several New York City engagement sessions (and more to come!), but experiencing the city from a new perspective is so refreshing. We adore Amanda + Jeff's engagement session from Divine Light Photography. Fun, carefree and full of color... these two are completely smitten, and clearly up for adventure! 

From Divine Light: I'm a wanderer. I love going off path, getting a little lost and then stumbling on something I hadn’t seen before. I guess Im using the word ‘Wander’ more like ‘adventure’. The two are the same in my book. Its the best way to explore the world. Same goes for New York City!

I took Amanda & Jeff along on a wandering trek through the streets and alleys for their New York City engagement session. Under bridges and through a little rain. It was great. These two can’t wait to wander (adventure) through life together.