Meet-the-Maker • Sweet Alice Photography


These meet-the-maker posts are quickly becoming one of our favorites to write each week, and today is certainly no exception. We loved getting to know Erica of Sweet Alice Photography, and the heart behind her business. Her talent is incredible (just wait until you see her work!) and we especially love her special message to couples planning their wedding. 

Hey, I'm Erica! Most days, you can find me sitting on the couch in my husband's pajama pants, drinking coffee, snuggling my kittens (Isaac + Pippin), and editing. I first became interested in photography in college, took one course, and ran with it. I used to take photos of my friends in exchange for a cup of coffee. Pretty sweet deal.

I am known for my play on natural light that evokes a sense of old film and rustic joy. I love capturing small moments because I believe big things live in small houses. I live on tears during wedding vows, almost too tiny to see; the look on a father’s face as he dances with his daughter; the sense of sheer joy as an officiant pronounces a couple married. I eat that up! 
I never thought I would be a photographer. I wanted to be everything in the book when I was younger. An actress. A writer. A teacher. An archaeologist. But I love who I have become. I love what I am able to do, and I love working with the most amazing clients. 

Advice to dear ones planning their weddings… I remember being on the other side of the wedding industry, becoming a bride. I was wrapped up in this, and tied up by that, and was generally overwhelmed by all of the choices and decisions and ideas that were thrown at me. And then my almost-husband said to me, “Breathe. Relax. Take a minute.” Weddings are SUCH a big deal (and rightfully so!), but Pinterest boards and colored mason jars and clever invitations are not at the heart of this day. You know what’s at the heart? YOUR heart. Your heart, and your darling’s heart.

Plan your dream day, but don’t stress over it. Plan your dream day, and enjoy it! Don’t worry about everything going on around you and all of the EVERYTHING that is sent your way. Your wedding day is a day to celebrate you and your lover’s love. Enjoy it, and live in it. And take a moment to look around and remember it. Take a mental snapshot. It’s a beautiful thing.