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We're always so excited when we get to share a Meet-the-Maker post on the blog, and today is no exception. Jennifer of Magnolia Grace is as talented as a they come, and we're honored to have her as a member of our Vendor Guide. Shooting both digital and film, she is the complete package, and is driven by human connection and emotional moments. We love her work, and are sure you will, too! 

Tell us a little bit about you, and how you got started!

Magnolia Grace Studios was started out of a desire to simply document people and their emotional connections to each other. After a period of personal reflection, Jennifer realized that life is precious and that people and their emotional moments deserve to be preserved. Human connection is born from emotional moments and that is what really drives Jennifer as a photographer and Magnolia Grace Studios as a photography company.

Meet the Maker - Magnolia Grace Studios |

What services do you offer and/or what do you specialize in?

We offer analog film and digital photography to couples of all ages. We welcome engagements, traditional marriages, elopements, same-sex relationships and anniversary couples to our studio. We also love to photograph boudoir sessions as we feel all women are beautiful just the way they are.

Meet the Maker - Magnolia Grace Studios |

What makes your business unique?

At Magnolia Grace Studios we are passionate about simply photographing you and your love. We don't want to make you into someone or something that isn't who you are.

Meet the Maker - Magnolia Grace Studios |

What is your favorite part of working with couples?

Learning about how they met, and their triumphs in life and their relationship. We truly enjoy getting to know our couples on a personal level.

One piece of advice for couples?

Always be kind. Kindness is the root of joy and without joy you cannot foster happiness.

Meet the Maker - Magnolia Grace Studios |

Childhood career aspiration?

Jennifer wanted to be a cardiovascular-thoracic surgeon. She was obsessed with the human heart. To this day it still fascinates her. Ironically, she went on to work in the cardiology field before pursuing photography, just not as a doctor.

Coffee or tea?

Well, that's a question with a bizarre answer. Technically tea, but only Harney & Son's local tea. Jennifer drinks hot tea all day long, even during warm weather. However, if you offer her Starbucks, she will never turn down a "triple grande mocha with coconut milk, no whip cream" (yet she won't drink anything else coffee-related ever... she thinks it's all gross!!).

Hidden talent?

Jennifer is a culinary guru in the kitchen. She can cook just about anything for breakfast, lunch or dinner - but it is guaranteed she will ruin a "just add water" dessert!

Meet the Maker - Magnolia Grace Studios |