Meet-the-Maker • Deborah Ann Photography


In the wedding industry, meeting hundreds of new people at business events is part of the territory. By the end of the night, you've introduced yourself so many times, you're not even sure who you've spoken with, and what they do. We speak from experience when we say that Debbie of Deborah Ann Photography is not just another name that blends into the background. From the moment you meet her, you know she's vibrant, talented and full of love for her couples. She's one of our favorites, and we know you'll love her, too!  

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started!
I always had a love for photography ever since my middle school years. I would always hang around with the kids in the photography club asking questions and just getting as much information as I could glean! I had a boyfriend who was part of the club and he and I would always be involved with some sort of picture taking. Back then it was just film and I just loved photographing and capturing just about anything around me. My passion truly followed me all through my life especially when having children. Fast forward, I had joined Facebook and started posting images and I had a great response from people commenting about my work. It was then that my son thought that I should take it to the next level and hence deborahannphotography was born!

What services do you offer and/or what do you specialize in?
I actually started out in the business as a newborn specialist and then did lots of lifestyle and portraits. There came a time that a friend asked me to photograph a wedding and I thought why not! That was the beginning of an incredible love story for me with wedding photography. I am truly a wedding photographer but still do newborns on request especially for my couples that start families. That is so awesome seeing them return with their babies!

What makes your business unique?
Well I think there are lots of things truly to every photographer that makes them unique. For myself, it is extremely personal. Each couple comes to me and it really is like becoming a family. I am very much involved in their year of planning and details and they actually ask me a lot of advice which I adore! I do a pre -wedding session when possible which is where I arrange to shoot some of the details prior to the wedding day. I LOVE details and I love to do various types of scenarios for the invitations, rings, shoes etc. I also photograph all of those same details on the wedding day in a very different environment. I also do all of my shooting and all of my editing myself. If a client would like a second photographer that is not a problem at all to arrange.

What is your favorite part of working with couples?
Oh there are so many reasons but the most important to me is making them so comfortable with me on their wedding day and feeling very relaxed and not worrying about the photographer. Truly we get to spend the most time with the couple which is what I love. Sharing and seeing their joy up close and personal is the best.

One piece of advice for the couple?
Just enjoy the day and do not worry about all the details that truly belong to the photographer. We have it in our hands!

Childhood career aspiration?
I think I wanted to do some acting and then I wanted to be a secretary!

Coffee or Tea?
Absolutely a coffee snob!

Hidden Talent?
HMMM I would say I was a late bloomer on playing the piano.