Meet-the-Maker • Cadence Kennedy


We're so excited to introduce you one of our favorite photographers, Cadence Kennedy! Cadence is both a teacher and an incredibly talented photographer: passionate about both, and selective in the number of weddings and sessions she takes each year. We're amazed with her perspective and ability to balance it all, and adore her style and talent. 

Tell us a little bit about you, and how you got started!

I have been taking photographs ever since I can remember. Practicing as a child with film and growing up with the advances in digital photography; I fell in love with the medium. I studied photography all four years of high school, through college. I majored in Art Education with a minor in Photography to become an Art teacher. After graduating, while searching for a teaching job, my Grandmother passed away and I inherited her box of black and white family photographs. I looked to photographing others to help cope with the loss. I couldn’t help but want to give someone that same gift of memories. People then began to inquire about portraits. Next, to my surprise, weddings, and so I started my business. I then landed a full time teaching job at one of the best schools in New York. I couldn't deny my love for both careers, so now I stay active in my artistic practice by photographing those we love, in the sincerest way possible, while also keeping a full time art teaching job.

Meet-the-Maker | Cadence Kennedy

What services do you offer and/or what do you specialize in?

I offer lifestyle and wedding photography. Specifically capturing real life, intimate moments which exude timelessness.

What makes your business unique?

What makes my business so unique is that I take pride in having only an exclusive number of clients per year. Like I mentioned above, I am a photographer and middle school art teacher. During the week I stay creativity inspired by my students. Weekends are filled with photography sessions, weddings and editing. I am an artist and want to give my clients a masterful, fine art product. I currently shoot 2-3 sessions per month and 12 weddings a year.

Meet-the-Maker | Cadence Kennedy

What is your favorite part of working with couples?

I love photographing engagement sessions. During this session, it is the first time I see my couples truly interact. Sometimes, it might even be the first time I even meet them in person. Engagement sessions allow me to see how he gazes at her, or how she reaches for his hand when she needs comfort. Getting to know my client, learning their body language, and understanding their mannerisms help me to better capture them on their wedding day, staying true to telling their love story in all it's artistic form.

Meet-the-Maker | Cadence Kennedy

One piece of advice for couples?

Stay true to yourself rather than following trends when planning your wedding. Instead of looking at what people are doing right now, look back at what was done before and never left. A viel, loose pin curls, a tux and bow tie, letter pressed invitations in simple script... This is what makes wedding imagery classic, timeless and everlasting. I was married to my hubby almost two years ago, stuck with this theme, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Meet-the-Maker | Cadence Kennedy

Childhood career aspiration? Age 5; Dolphin Trainer. Age 10; Geologist. Age 15; Art Teacher.

Coffee or tea? Used to be tea, but now it's coffee with an occasional chai.

Hidden talent? I am an equestrian. I adopted a horse 5 years ago, and am an avid dressage rider.

Meet-the-Maker | Cadence Kennedy