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We are paper lovers here at Red Oak Weddings, and are so excited to introduce you to one of our absolute favorites, Bella Carta Boutique! Jillian is both the owner of Bella Carta, and the founder and editor behind our blog, and is as passionate as they come. If you have an eye for detail, enjoy classic, modern design and style, then you will absolutely want to look at all Bella Carta has to offer when it comes to custom designed invitation suites. Just look at the eye candy below! 

Inspiration for the Modern Couple | NY, NJ + PA | Bella Carta Boutique

Tell us a little bit about you, and how you got started!

Well, hi! I'm Jillian. Wife, mom to 3 little boys, and the designer behind Bella Carta Boutique. I've always loved design - from doodling in class to changing my handwriting with every note I wrote my friends, it's hard to put into words the pull you feel at a young age. Fast forward to my own wedding seven years ago, cold calling local printers to see who would help bring my vision to life... that was when I realized this dream could maybe be something more. I bought a domain, designed a few weddings here and there for friends, and grew my little family. A few years and three babies later, I knew it was time to really chase this dream and see where it led. I didn't want to look back in 10 years and regret the little voice telling me just try.

What services do you offer and/or what do you specialize in?

We offer everything from save-the-dates to invitations, and every wedding day decor item imaginable. I truly believe that the first piece of paper your guests receive in the mail sets the tone for the rest of the wedding, and by working with one person from start to finish, you ensure that every element coordinates and that the entire wedding feels like you. 

Inspiration for the Modern Couple | NY, NJ + PA | Bella Carta Boutique
Inspiration for the Modern Couple | NY, NJ + PA | Bella Carta Boutique

What makes your business unique?

I think my design style is unique, and that I offer my couples a very high level of customer service. My style is clean and sophisticated, with a focus on typography and quality. I love bringing the entire design full circle by helping them choose envelope liners, stamps, and even a calligrapher that will best compliment the design we've chosen. 

What is your favorite part of working with couples?

Oh, this is hard! I'd say it's their reaction to the final, printed pieces. I know my couples and I share a similar aesthetic, which is why we were drawn to work together in the first place. But actually seeing that dream come to life in the form of their wedding invitations - heirlooms that will be passed onto their children + grandchildren  - nothing really beats that.


One piece of advice for couples?

Remember, it is just a day. All the decisions seem SO big, but if you still marry your best friend at the end of the day, it was a success. My biggest fear (which was silly) was that it would rain on my wedding day. It didn't just rain. It's poured. Almost 3". But when I woke up that day, it was OK with it all. If I was still getting to marry that guy at the end of the aisle, it was all OK in my book.

Childhood career aspiration?

First, a secretary. Then, a doctor. I still use the term "when I grow up", because many days I don't feel old enough to be living the life I am.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee daily (ok, sometimes more than that). Tea when I need comforting. Feeling sick, or sad or ready fora nap... I got that from my mom. A cup of tea is how she'd comfort me, and now I use it for that, too.

Hidden talent?

I can change a diaper almost anywhere, in record time, while never laying the baby down. On my lap, in my arms, while they're standing or playing. I'm pretty proud of that one! 

Inspiration for the Modern Couple | NY, NJ + PA | Bella Carta Boutique