Blogger Bride Kristen of Maid of Henry • You're Engaged! What's Next?


Our favorite bride-to-be, Kristen from Maid of Henry, is back with some advice on what to do after getting engaged, and some of her very own behind-the-scenes photos of the day she said "yes". Hands down, Kristen + Kevin win the award for cutest couple ever, and we know you'll melt over her engagement story! 

“Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart and I will love you
forever and ever we never will part
oh, how I'll love you
together, forever, that's how it must be to live without you
would only mean heartbreak for me.”
-My Best Friend’s Wedding
Red Oak Wedding Blogger Bride Kristen of Maid of Henry

You’re engaged. Congrats! You’ve admired your ring from all angles and know which lighting it sparkles most in. You’ve ugly-cried…more than once. You’ve even created your very own version of Monica Geller’s balcony “I’m Engaged!!!!!!” moment.

I’ve known for…ever that I wanted Kevin and my engagement moment to be just us. No family or friends. No distractors or bystanders. No paparazzi. And Kevin did just that. No one will ever know what that moment was like besides Kevin and me. That makes it the most special, intimate moment we’ve ever had and I will always cherish that. Whatever your moment may be, I encourage you to enjoy it before sharing your best news yet.


After we had breakfast at 6A Cafe, our favorite place in Cape Cod, we returned to the spot where Kevin popped the question to pop a bottle of champagne for mimosas. We cozied up on the beach with blankets and called our loved ones: our parents, grandparents, aunts + uncles, cousins, and closest friends. Hearing the most genuine, loving reactions helped us see that taking the time to personally call each of them was one of the best decisions we could’ve made. Once you’ve notified your VIPs, you can send out your mass-texts, snap your happiest selfie to date, update your Facebook status, and post your adorable engagement announcement on the ‘gram! #instaengaged

In the midst of it all, you will absolutely experience the “OMG, wait…what should I be doing?” moment. Within the first few weeks of being engaged, you will want to get yourself organized and prepared. Before you bring your new ‘fing-bling' (yes, I made that up) to meet your favorite people and places, make sure it’s insured! There is always, always that one girl who will ask to try your ring on. Believe me, I was her.

Red Oak Wedding Blogger Bride Kristen of Maid of Henry

It’s a nice gesture to send thank-you notes to everyone who took part in your engagement and was sweet enough to give you a gift. I also encourage you to invest in an engagement journal where you can document your proposal details while they’re perfectly-clear. In mine, you can read about our most special phone-calls and our last words before Kevin got down on one knee. You can spend your nights setting up and organizing your wedding Pinterest boards. It’s also a great idea to create a wedding-exclusive email address that you will use to correspond with future vendors.

Remember to have fun! Consider posting your engagement announcement in your local newspaper or alumni newsletter. Seeing Kevin and my tribute truly made us feel like mini-celebrities. You can also submit your proposal story and ring-selfie to and check their website compulsively until it’s posted and adored.


Please, please, PLEASE allow yourself to be cliché! Binge-watch the wedding shows, throw a post-it party with your bridal magazines, and read Girls in White Dresses. You also, of course, have to watch the classic movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding. I know, I know, you’ve seen it a hundred times…but this time will be different. Promise.

You’re now in your engagement-moon phase and the celebrations are just kicking off! Get ready for a tremendous amount of love and well-wishes. Enjoy every moment. This is YOUR year! Cheers to you and your FIANCÉ!

Red Oak Wedding Blogger Bride Kristen of Maid of Henry