Intimate + Charming Biergarten Wedding in Hoboken, New Jersey • Laura Billingham Photography


One of the best parts of being a blog editor?! Getting to look at incredible wedding The worst part of being a blog editor?! Constantly thinking "ohhhh, I wish we did that!"... And when you see today's wedding in Hoboken, New Jersey from Laura Billingham Photography, you'll know why. An intimate, chic wedding at the Pilsner Haus & Biergarten in Hoboken, NJ... full of fun, thoughtful, DIY details and the cutest couple. Sarah + Vinny changed their wedding date and venue to do something that felt more like "them" (and save thousands of dollars). The result? Absolute perfection. 

From Laura: This couple opted for a simple, chic and modern family gathering at an urban Hoboken venue where they could emphasize the fun of being together with their closest friends and family.

From the Bride

How did you meet each other? We met in college 12 years ago! He was dating my friend, I was dating his friend. Needless to say after we both became single during our sophomore year, we started dating and haven't stopped

What was the best part of your wedding day?

The atmosphere. We changed our venue, the date, the entire thing! Originally planned to get married in the town where we met, Stroudsburg, PA, and have both families travel up in October. After making our down payment on that venue, we changed our minds and opted for a Hoboken "city" wedding (where we were living). We moved our wedding up to August (3 months sooner than planned), sent out new save the dates and invitations but in the end it was worth it. We got married int the city we love at the venue we had enjoyed so many nights. Our family had to travel a bit further but they ALL arrived to take part in our special day.

What was the color, theme, or feel you had in mind when you were planning your wedding?

We wanted an easy going chic family gathering. The invitations and save the dates were simple grey and white. The large wooden tables had simple garland and white candles, the cake had a minimal icing design with a hint of flowers in the corners. We like everything simple and the Kolo Klub & Biergarten was hit all those notes. I also wanted authentic German food to highlight my family heritage, which was perfect

Do you have any advice for the couples out there planning their weddings?

Pick something that you both love and is economical. We have the income, but decided we wanted to save as much as we could for a down payment on a house. So we made a budget of $14,000. We had 110 people for less than $14,000! We got married on a Friday, we had an iPod instead of a DJ, my mother made cookies for the favors--which everyone ate before they even left the reception! With used a minimal approach with the flowers and the decor because we loved the industrial urban look of the Kolo Klub. The only think I splurged on was the photos, which I love and Laura captured all the right moments. I would definitely suggest hiring a second photographer so that you can get photos of the bride and groom before the ceremony. It really makes a difference. In the end, don't think about what the guests want--focus on what matters to you, the couple.

Photographer:  Laura Billingham Photography | Dress Store: In White, LLC | Caterer: Hoboken Gourmet Co. | Cake Designer: Calandra's Bakery | Invitation Designer: Minted | Venue: Pilsner Haus Biergarten