Harlem New York City Engagement • Anna Reynal


Probably one of our favorite sessions to-date, Kellie + Askel's New York City engagement photos with Anna Reynal are bright, joyful and full of emotion. After meeting in college over a haircut, these two found love when they both decided to call NYC home.  Anna's quote about them, and what it means to be their photographer, is the greatest testament to just how sweet of a couple they are... "they make me fall even more in love with people in love, and sharing their happiness is the best kind of joy to be a part of."

From Anna: They had no idea they’d end up together.

Over lunch at The Smith, she told me that they met in college when he found out that she cut hair. And he needed a haircut. But at that time she never would have guessed that he’d be the one she’d decide to say yes to forever to.

It wasn’t until they both decided to call New York City home that discovered they also might find one in each other. And two more lovely people could not have found each other.

After our delicious NYC lunch, we met them near their place in Harlem and spent the golden hour walking around their neighborhood, making new memories in some of the places that have been so much a part of their NYC story together. There is nothing as delightful as seeing a city through the eyes of people in love.

I know I say all my couples are awesome and the sweetest, and I probably over-use all the good words on them (sorry, not sorry). But finding two kinder, bigger-hearted people will be a daunting task. Just to prove the point: when we popped up to NYC last weekend for their Harlem New York City engagements, Aksel’s younger sister was also in town and they pulled out all of the stops for her, planning an adventure-filled evening at for the three of them – it melted my heart how excited he and Kellie were to show her around the city and make sure she had the very best time on her first time visiting by herself. These two are some of the warmest, most welcoming people you’d ever hope to meet and if their families are anything like them, their wedding next year is going to be the best kind of love-fest anyone could ask for.

I’m so glad they did end up together, and desperately need a better word than excited to adequately express my joy at being able to share their love story.

They make me fall even more in love with people in love, and sharing their happiness is the best kind of joy to be a part of.