Epic Surprise Proposal in Philadelphia • L. Priori Jewelry + Ashlee Mintz Photography


Proposal stories are my absolutely favorite. There is so much preparation and love leading up to that moment, and it makes my heart so full. Ashlee Mintz and Lauren Priori were part of Zach's proposal to Jen from the very start, and we adore this entire story. We won't ruin for you - you'll have to scroll down and read it yourselves. We promise, it will be the best start to your Tuesday!

From Lauren: Your proposal is when your wedding magic begins - so doesn't it make sense to make that moment extra special? I partnered with fine art Philadelphia photographer Ashlee Mintz to help my client plan an unforgettable proposal.

Zach and Jen met through a shared love of running. While at the Mayor's Cup race in Fairmount Park, the two struck up a conversation and have been inseparable ever since. On their first official date, Zach convinced Jen to share Insomnia Cookies with him on the balcony of XIX on Broad Street.

When Zach and I first started designing Jen's engagement ring, he was already thinking ahead to the proposal. He knew he wanted to incorporate running, since that's what brought the two together. He also wanted to incorporate some of the excitement and spontaneity of that first date.

But first - the ring! Zach knew that Jen wanted a lot of sparkle and a bright, white stone. After looking at several diamonds and discussing how to balance the 4 Cs, we settled on a sparkling round diamond set in 4 sturdy prongs. With hand matched round diamonds going 3/4 of the way around the platinum band, there's so much sparkle on this beauty!

Meanwhile, I started working with fine art photographer Ashlee Mintz to capture the special moment. Ashlee specializes in capturing authentic love stories. We talked to Zach about the plan - Ashlee even rented a paparazzi zoom lens for the occasion!

On the morning of Zach's proposal, he convinced Jen to go for a quick 4 mile run. Halfway though, he feigned an upset stomach to get her into XIX Restaurant. Jen was horrified - why couldn't he just use the Starbucks bathroom?! Across the street, Ashlee and I were poised and ready to capture the moment. Before we knew it, Zach was down on one knee! Even from across Broad Street, we could feel the love in the air.

Ashlee and I loved being part of Zach and Jen's special moment. Want a special proposal of your own? Through March 28, 2017, we're offering free proposal photography to all couples who work with me to purchase a ring!

Vendors: Jewelry: Lauren Priori Jewelry |Photography: Ashlee Mintz