Loantaka Park Engagement Session • Deborahann Photography


This love story... it made my whole week. I love their journey to find one another, the sincerity of their story, and how effortless and adorable Morgan and Pam are with each other. Debbie Ryan from Deborahann Photography perfectly captured their engagement in Morristown, New Jersey on a gorgeous summer day... and if their engagement pictures are this beautiful, I can't wait to see what's in store for their wedding day!

From Deborah: Pam was a single mom raising three children alone and working full time!  To say the least, there was not much time for dating or even to think about meeting someone.   She had dated on and off for ten years, but nothing really led to anything at all. Her mom kept telling her that she should get on Christian Mingle and make some time for herself to possibly meet someone. She finally took her mom’s advice and signed up for one month.  Two dates came of her listing but went nowhere. The subscription ran out but felt like giving it another month. Her first email was from a man named Morgan and she was attracted to his photo and thought why not! 

Morgan at the time of meeting Pam was also a single dad raising three children and had little time to think about getting involved in a relationship. He too thought maybe i will just try for one month and that is when he Pam. 

He asked her out to dinner and they really hit it off. They had several more dates and soon starting dating regularly.  The one thing that really touched me was that Morgan told Pam that he had never felt so loved in his entire life! Such a romantic. 

They had  been dating for a few years when Morgan asked Pam to be his wife.  They will be getting married in July at McLoone’s Pier House  in Long Branch NJ and the ceremony will be held on the beach! Their six children will be their bridal party which I think is the most wonderful thing for them.  To be surrounded by their children and making one big new family is precious.  

I think what truly made this session so unique to me was that they wanted a very simple setting surrounded by beautiful trees  and a little lake. Their love for one another is so sweet and pure and their was so little distraction from the couple that I was able to focus on just them! I loved capturing their emotions and they are truly so comfortable with one another that it made my job so simple.  I cannot wait to capture their amazing wedding day!  

Dress: Guess | Pam's Shoes: Nine West | Morgan's Pant & Shirt: Hugo Boss | Engagement Ring: Tiffany