Cozy Pittsburgh Coffee Shop Engagement Session • Breanna Elizabeth Photography


When plans for your outdoor engagement session get thwarted by freezing temperatures, you grab a bouquet of flowers and find the cutest coffee shop in town. Cynthia + Eric had made a special trip to Pittsburgh to see Breanna Elizabeth and certainly made the best of a chilly day. Snuggled up at The Common Place Coffee House in Pittsburgh, these two are absolutely adorable, and having us (quietly) dreaming of the cooler days ahead. 

From Breanna: On this February afternoon, the temperature barely reached five degrees. Cynthia and Eric had made a special trip to Pittsburgh for their engagement session, so rescheduling was not an option. We had originally planned for an outdoor session in a nearby park, but with the weather forecast, we decided to meet at a local coffee shop. It was Valentine's Day weekend, and a local florist was selling bouquets in the coffee shop. With fresh flowers, and delicious lattes, Cindy and Eric's engagement session soon became the coziest afternoon. We spent our time talking about their love story, and afterwards, Cynthia stated that the session felt perfect for them. They have spent many dates enjoying coffee shops, and this afternoon was a true reflection of their relationship.