Closet Staples for Wedding Season • AOK Style + Planning


I remember "wedding season" so clearly - the five years in our twenties where we had 10 weddings a year, traveling around the country, watching all of our friends say I-do. I could have used some advice from Allison Koehler back then: classic closet staples that would carry me through every bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding, rather than buying something new for every event. Allison from AOK Style + Planning is sharing some of her favorite pieces to get you through the fall! 

Closet Staples for Wedding Season • AOK Style + Planning

September and October (and Fall in general) are slowly but surely becoming the busiest months of the year for Weddings. That means that most of us have more than a few Wedding related events to attend before the year is out.

Aside from hitting up the registry before it gets picked over by guests, what to wear to a wedding (or engagement party, bachelorette, bridal shower, etc) is always a top priority.

There are obvious rules like don’t wear white and adhere to the dress code that’s on the invitation, but truly, the world is our proverbial oyster when it comes to dressing up for wedding events.

Closet Staples for Wedding Season • AOK Style + Planning

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Here are my suggestions for how to dress:

The Bridal Shower
Depending on the type of Bride / wedding, the bridal shower may or may not be an occasion to get fancy. I always love to suggest pastel colors, they just feel so appropriate for Bridal Showers (and there aren’t a ton of reasons to wear pastel). Not looking to break the bank? Dress up one of your work dresses with fun heels, or peruse luxury consignment shops like Tradesy to snag something special on the cheap.

Closet Staples for Wedding Season • AOK Style + Planning

from ASOS

The Bachelorette
Getting dressed for a Bachelorette party might be my favorite. It’s such a good excuse to try a new trend and step outside the box a little bit. Think: crop top and skirt sets, neon colors, Daisy dukes, and rompers. I like to shop trends inexpensively by going sourcing from sites like ASOS and Zara. This way you can try something new without a huge commitment.

Closet Staples for Wedding Season • AOK Style + Planning

from ZARA

The Wedding
Rent the Runway is a great resource, but I like to be able to add to my existing wardrobe when I start to think about what I’d like to wear to a wedding. First things first, a black cocktail dress is always appropriate, and a true closet staple. Long sleeves are great for outdoor weddings in the Fall, and since a pashmina won’t keep anyone warm, if you’re wearing a short sleeved dress for an outdoor Fall wedding, pair it with a leather or structured jacket. Finally, don’t discount the jumpsuit! A sleek jumpsuit can be a winner for casual and black tie weddings alike. Comfort on the dance floor? Sold.

Closet Staples for Wedding Season • AOK Style + Planning


Whatever you wear, my advice is to always buy something you love and can wear again and again. Still stumped? Give me a shout!

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