Adorable at Home Engagement Session in Westchester • Kristina Staal Photography


Blogger confession: I love seeing the inside of homes almost as much as I love #allthingswedding, so today's at-home engagement session from Kristina Staal is literally all of my favorite things rolled into one. Megan (the very talented lady behind Coppola Creative!) and her fiancé Mike are high school sweethearts whose love has stood the test of time, and chose their favorite activity - making pancakes - for their session. Equal parts adorable and romantic, these engagement photos have us dreaming of cozy mornings cuddled up with our favorite person. Apologies in advance for any pancake cravings, but we promise that after reading, you'll love these two as much as we do! 

From Kristina: Megan & Mike are one of the sweetest couples you'll meet! They live just outside of NYC in Hartsdale, New York. Their love story goes back to high school, where they met through mutual friends. Both Megan & Mike love to travel, so it was only appropriate that Mike proposed to Mike proposed to Megan atop The Ridge Parkway in Asheville, North Carolina.

One of my favourite parts of the session was learning about Megan's diamond cut Marquise engagement ring (which is hard to find now-of-days). What made it extra special, is that it is the same diamond Megan's father proposed to her mother with. It was a complete shock to Megan! Megan & Mike have traveled all around, but rather than collect knick-nacs, they decided to start something a bit different - they collect vintage keys from different places they go, and they also have a cork board map of the USA on their wall with all the places they've been. Their apartment is has a great sense of style and they've paid great attention to detail (it seems fitting as Megan is a creative herself...a calligrapher owning Coppola Creative!). Their walls are filled with memories, their bookcases with tons of cookbooks (they share a passion for cooking), their bean poufs instead of beanbags on the floor (Mike wanted bean bags and Megan settled on the stylish Bean Poufs!). Megan even wrote out one of their favourite song quotes in beautiful calligraphy to photograph the ring on. The lyrics have special meaning to Megan and Mike - The lyrics are from the some 100 years by Five for Fighting and Megan has been obsessed with it since she was about 14 years old. She always thought it would be a good wedding song, and she started learning how to play it on the piano when her and Mike started dating. Fast forward, and one day Mike walked in on Megan playing the song on the piano...when she finished Mike told her he thought it would be perfect for a wedding song one day! (my heart is totally sweet is that!?)

Since they both share a passion of cooking, it was only appropriate that they made pancakes for their brunch time Sunday session (and it was even more fitting that the pancake mix came from one of their trips up north to Maine!). The pancakes were seriously as delicious as they look. One of the best parts of the session was watching them cook together in their newly-renovated kitchen (which they designed themselves!). From working together to making the pancakes, to blueberry throwing / mouth catching, to cuddling on the couch to check out some recipes, and munching down on their pancakes and just relaxing - these two are adorably cute (which you can cleary tell from their photos). Their laid back, yet trendy clothing (who doesn't love a romper!?) was perfect. And, we ended the perfect engagement session with a walk outside because the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Photographer: Kristina Staal Photography | Calligraphy: Coppola Creative