Intimate Backyard Wedding • Bridget Rochelle Photography


There's no better way to kick off the week than this gorgeous backyard wedding from Bridget Rochelle Photography. Aaron + Janelle dated as teenagers, and after reuniting a decade later, began to dream up the ultimate backyard wedding in Central New York. The result? An intimate, organic, handmade wedding day full of love and so SO much pretty. 

From Bridget: This is the ultimate backyard wedding! These two have an awesome love story. They dated for years when they were in their teen years and ended up breaking up for 10 years. After multiple other relationships...they finally ended up together again and then they finally tied the knot. One of my favorite moments was in the ceremony when Aaron said to Janelle that she had always been the love of his life. It was such a heartfelt moment and everyone was SO excited that they finally ended up together. I loved this wedding. It took place in the back of their friends house. They handmade everything and set a tent up on the property. For photos we just ventured around the CNY countryside finding forests, fields, and waterfalls to photograph them near!

Vendors: Photography: Bridget Rochelle Photography | Flowers: Littleflowers Farm based in Newfield (bouquets put together by Carriage House Cafe) | Cake: Wegmans | Food: Pelican BBQ | Hair and Makeup: Carrie George at Surface Salon  | Dress: Sottero & Midgley | Video: Murray Frost  | Beer from Hopshire Brewery 

I'm Pregnant - YAY! And I'm a Bridesmaid - EEK! • Bella Bridesmaids


We've all been there. Planning a wedding, or in a wedding, that adorable baby-bump can sometimes throw a wrench into your bridesmaid dress plans. Speaking from personal experience, I'll admit I panicked when my best friend told me she'd be 6 months pregnant at my wedding. Of course, I was thrilled for her, but in the back of my head realized my next phone call had to be to the bridal salon to see what we could do about her dress. (Spoiler alert - it was fine, we had an incredible seamstress and my bestie could not have looked more gorgeous), but I certainly wish I had read this article back then! Bella Bridesmaids is sharing their best tips for the pregnant, or soon-to-be pregnant Bridesmaid!

Tips from Bella Bridesmaids Madison for the Pregnant or Soon-To-Be Pregnant Bridesmaid

Whether you already have a bun in the oven or you are working on cooking one up, the stress of choosing a dress AND size for your bestie's big day can be stressful. The fact that bridesmaids dresses take three to four months to produce also can leave you feeling like you need to magically predict the future on what your body may look like.

First, DON'T WORRY! You should be celebrating that bundle of joy or having fun trying! Here are some tips for the pregnant, soon-to-be pregnant, or post pregnant bridesmaid.


You don't have to tell the bride right away, but if you are comfortable telling her then that transparency will be helpful when she is selecting the dresses and throughout the process. If you do not want to tell the bride, let your bridesmaids stylist know. If you are nervous to talk about it during the appointment, give us a call before the appointment and we will be able to discretely suggest certain designers or styles that may offer better silhouettes for your changing body. Most designers offer specifically maternity styles with higher waists and more pleating in the skirt which you can order in the same fabric and color as the rest of the bridal party. Also, we have a fake baby bump for you to test with any style!


Unfortunately for both you and your stylist, there will be a lot of guessing so you need to expect alterations. Here are some tips for choosing your size, but keep in mind that sizing will depend on the style chosen. You will need to order a few sizes larger if you are wearing a more fitted dress. ALWAYS speak to your stylist about sizing even if the bride has chosen a flowy style as each designer's sizing varies.

"I'm not pregnant but could be 1-5 months"

We typically recommend ordering 1 or 2 sizes up from your current measurements. You don't necessarily need a typical maternity style. Avoid anything with a thick waistband as well as anything with a very fitted skirt (no mermaid dresses!). There are plenty of styles that are fitted on the top, have a natural waist and a flowy skirt which can accommodate an earlier pregnancy.

"I'm not pregnant but could be 6-8 months"

You should consider a dress with a higher waistline and order 1-2 sizes up from your current measurements.

"I will be 1-5 months pregnant"

You should consider a dress with a higher waistline and order 1-2 sizes up from your current measurements.

"I will be 6-8 months pregnant"

You should wear a dress specifically meant for maternity. These dresses typically have a larger cup as well as more pleating in the skirt and because of those adjustments, you only need to order 1-2 sizes up from your current measurements. If you are wearing a non-maternity dress you will need to order 3-4 sizes up from your current measurements.

"I am due the week of the wedding"

Same as above, but you may want to reconsider walking down the aisle (your feet are going to hurt!)

"I will be 1-3 months post pregnancy"

Get measured around month three of your pregnancy and order 1 size up from those measurements or order 2-3 sizes up from the size you usually wear in dresses. You can always take a dress in!

"I will be 4 or more months post pregnancy"

Order 2-3 sizes up from the size you usually wear in dresses (you don't need the added stress of losing baby weight right now!)


Once again, DON'T PANIC! This formula is not foolproof and there is no way to truly predict what your body will be. The first thing you need to do is see a tailor. They will be able to truly evaluate the situation and what needs to happen. In most cases, the tailor can either let the dress out with seam allowance built into the dress OR they will need extra fabric to add a panel to the dress. If your dress is chiffon, many times they only need to add a panel to the underlining as the chiffon layer typically has more give. Fabric usually takes 2 weeks to come in and we can order the same fabric and color of your dress. Always keep in mind that is is safer to order a larger size and have it taken in to avoid more costs in extra fabric and alterations.

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Brooklyn Bridge Fall Engagement Session • John Branch IV


Today we're at a loss for words... Jenna + Andrew's engagement session from John Branch IV is just simply stunning. From the Brooklyn Bridge to a local park, every image is more beautiful than the next. Gorgeous fall colors, warm embraces and sweet kisses... this engagement session is absolutely one of our favorites. 

From John: I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for Jenna and Andrew during a beautiful fall day. We started out on the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning where Jenna and Andrew told me that they had been dating for 3 years however, had never kissed. I had the honor of being able to photograph their first kiss on the Brooklyn bridge and it was the most amazing experience.